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Why Pay More for a Puppy?

A new owner will pay more for a puppy from a top quality breeding stock, which was developed over the years from a selective breeding. This puppy will meet the written requirements of AKC and ASCA standard for the breed in conformation, as well as temperament. The backgrounds of both the sire and dam has been researched to assure a good match between the two, and both the sire and dam contribute to the excellence of the breed as well as complement one another, in the hopes of improving on these qualities and passing them along to the unborn puppies.

Before the breeding takes place, both the sire and dam are tested for soundness. They are x-rayed on their hips, and often elbows. Their eyes are certified, and they receive heart tests to determine that there are no physical or genetic problems that might be passed on to the offspring. The breeder is well aware of genetic problems to which the breed is predisposed, and uses no animal for breeding unless it is certified clear of defects by a qualified Veterinarian. This breeder will also guarantee the health of her pups.

The breeder is professional and has a good reputation to maintain. His or her goal to produce beautiful and sound specimens, which anyone would be proud to own. Profit, if any is made, goes toward future breedings, always aimed toward the betterment of the breed, or for show entries, handler's fees, new equipment and important veterinary tests. Both mother and pups are fed the highest quality diet and many trips to the vet assure that the mother and pups are thriving under the very best of care. The pups are raised in a busy part of the house, where they are socialized, groomed and exposed to different kinds of stimuli. They are loved, kissed, hugged and receive plenty of play time. They are never sold before they are 7 weeks old.

Every buyer is interviewed to ensure that they are buying a breed that is appropriate for their family, and so that the puppy is assured of a good home, willing to give the puppy the finest treatment. The breeder spends time with each new owner, educating them and answering any questions they may have. Follow-up calls are made to make sure the pups are adjusting well.

Each new owner receives a bill of sale and health guarantees, vaccination record, minimum five generation pedigree, and a guarantee to register their new puppy with AKC and ASCA.

As the new owners leave with their new puppy, they are encouraged to maintain contact with the breeder, and to call as needed for any additional help.


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