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"Sagee GrandkKids"





Rosie, shown at 5 months of age



Lakehills Ross


Ross is owned & shares a lot of love with Jack & "brother" Baron


Pictured @ 2months of age



ATCH CATCH CT-ATCH Lakehills Smokin Moon River



ATCH IV Lakehills Amazing Grace MX, MXJ, OF



Loved, Owned, & Handled by Annette Dusa & Peggy Dent of Newburg Oregon



Lakehills Abbey Denim Lane

(pictured at 3 months old)





Tula is owned & loved by the Hering Family



ASCA CH Lakehills Chester B Goode

21 months of age



Lakehills Racing In Blue Denim CGC, STDs, HSAS, JHD,

CL2-F, CL2-H, CL2-R, CL2-S, DNA-VP


Senna strutting his stuff during an ASCA trial where he earned his Started Sheep title!


Way to go Valerie & Senna!!!



Lakehills Chica Bum Petula

Shown above at 4 years of age




Pictured at 1 year of age



CH Lakehills Taylor Swift DNA-VP

Taylor above at 3.5 years of age




Lakehills Sizzilin’ Summer


Pictured at 3 years of age, December 2010
First time out in the Altered classes and Summer wins Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, & Best of Breed at all three shows.

Summer resides right here at Lakehill Aussies!



Lakehills Stoli



Pictured at 5 years of age
Owned & Loved by Michelle Gomes
Sacramento, California



Lakehills Booker RS-N JS-N GS-N NA NAJ

Booker is Owned, Loved, and Handled by Bambi Ellis



Lakehills Toby

Pictured at 8 months old

Owned & Loved by David & Robin Fair
Carmichael, California



Lakehills Roscoe

Loved & Owned by Dominic Barresi
Redding, California



Lakehills Keepin’ The Faith

Owned & loved by Peggy Dent & Annette Dusa



Lakehills Sierra (aka Shakira)


Pictured at 5 months of age
Loved, & Owned by Aaron Chamberlein
Chico, California



Lakehills Hot Texas Moonshine

Pictured at 4 months of age

4 years of age


Owned & Loved by Katy Hunzeker
Burleson, Texas



Raptor Ridge Cowboy


Pictured at 1 year of age



Lakehills Deja


Pictured at 3 months
Loved, Owned & Adored by Sue Collier, California



“ Roxy”

Pictured at 4 months of age

Loved & Owned by Sarah Burns
Southern California
Roxy is a Lilly x Chase pup



Lakehills Darwin


Pictured at 3 months of age
Brook x Spark 2009
Loved, & Owned by Barbara Pinney



Lakehills Surf’s Up Lange



Pictured at 8 months of age
Loved, & Owned by Sarah & Jeff, Pacifica, CA


AKC/ASCA/UKC CH Lakehills Texas Trifecta DNA-VP




Lakehills Beau




Lakehills Born To Be Wild

Loved by Marsha Nicoli



Lakehills Tosh & Lakehills Jazz

Tosh - March 2015

Lakehills Jazz (pictured at 3 ˝ years of age) is a Chase son, Lilly son, Sagee grandson, Jesse Grandson, Katie and Tessie Great Grandson

Lakehills Tosh (pictured at 6 months of age) is a Brook son, Sagee Grandson, Katie Great Grandson



Lakehills Shakespeare

Shakespeare (pictured at 5 years of age)



Lakehills Carson

Pictured at 4 years of age.

Carson is a Chase x Jessie son



Lakehills Feather River Reflection



Emma is owned & shares a lot of love with Johnna & family



"Lakehills Tilly"



Lakehills Addy Mae


Shown at 2 years of age



"Lakehills Cooper"

(pictured at 4 months of age)


Lakehills Swift Running Brook DNA-VP x ASCA CH Lakehills Chester B Goode DNA-VP


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