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A special tribute to

ASCA CH Hisaws Justin Roper DNA-CP

#5 Conformation Dog 1995-1996

Our wonderful boy Roper came into our lives looking like the above picture. Although Roper left us far too young, he has left his "footprints" all over our hearts. We see all the kids and grandkids that he brought into our lives and we know that if it hadn't been for Roper we never would have met so many wonderful people or dogs in the Aussie world. He was a very special dog and will always be remembered with love. Rest easy sweet boy, we love you and miss you.

Roper's son Justin finished his championship and carried on the wonderful tradition of his father. Sage, a Roper grandaughter also carried on Roper's winning ways along with all the other grandkids that you can see on our "future stars" pages.


1st place American Bred win at the Arizona Nationals in 1994

Premier Dog at the 1996 Cascade ASC National Pre-show


Until Then

I am on the other side of the curtain now
Here, there is no pain, only joy

I wish you knew how happy you made me
Filling my days and nights with love

When I left, I took a piece of your heart with me
Don't worry, I'll keep it safe for you until we meet again

For you have a piece of my heart, and it will lead you back to me
When your time comes to join me on this side

Until then, remember the love we shared
And remember, I'll be here, waiting…


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