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Tessie and her "Good Toy" welcome you to their tour of our home and property

The Lakehills dogs and humans live on 10 beautiful acres in the lake country of Northern California.
The whole property has been animal fenced with a automatic gate that stays shut to ensure the safety of our dogs - we don't live by any major highways.

The dogs runs are irrigated pastures, an acre in size, with kennels inside big barns with automatic waterers

and the house is situated in such a way that we can see everything that's going on

We also have a 1/2 acre pond that is 20 feet deep that Tessie and  the other dogs love to swim in.

Baby Jesse at the pond

And one final look back toward the house,

where Tessie is waiting to say goodbye!

With her tour guide duties done for this visit, Tessie watches our guests leave, seeming to say " Please come back and visit again real soon!" 

Once our guests are out of sight, she'll be picking up her "good toy" and heading back to her family to wait patiently for the next visitors wanting to take her tour! 

Job well done, good girl Tessie!


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